Never underestimate the power of small changes.


Coaching is a process to achieve conscious living. It reduces life's static, leaving you with the focus to choose and act clearly.

Coaching is an intentional pause; a time in which you can collect your thoughts, remember what matters, ask the deeper questions of your life and have the space to hear the answers. By participating in life coaching, you recognize and claim the inner resources already present in you - wisdoms, insights and thought processes that empower you to move through the world with confidence, joy and purpose. Having never experienced coaching before, many people wonder what value it has for their lives. Take a moment to consider if you see yourself or your stage of life described here.

Consider Coaching if...

* You hold yourself back from living your potential.

* You know what you want, but it seems out of reach.

* You feel like you've lost touch with who you really are.

* You want to feel congruent and be wholly present in what you do.

  1. *You have a dream you want to bring to life.

  2. *You seek to integrate the material and intangible aspects of your life.

Coaching Opportunities

My clients and I work together on things like...

* Removing distractions

* Moving past obstacles

* Listening to your heart

* Simplifying life's details

* Becoming empowered

* Clarifying goals

* Restoring optimism

  1. *Increasing energy

Coaching Helps You ...

  1. *Determine your values, vision, purpose, and goals

  2. *Learn how to determine what specific action steps work for you

  3. *Sort through opportunities

  4. *Keep focused on your top priorities

  5. *Achieve balance between all areas of your life

  6. *Shift from thinking about your happiness to living your happiness         612-865-2446